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  • Micro-Tech Star Compass
  • Micro-Tech Spray / Paint
  • Bush-Rock finish
  • Acid Stain Natural Slate - Manhole
  • Colored Pebbles
  • Colored Concrete Stamping
  • Beige Concrete finish around the house
  • Acid Stain finish - Pool Deck


    Welcome to Coloration Systems

‘Coloration Systems’ is a hard landscaping company which specializes in coloring and custom designing concrete.

Our organization has a very successful and unmatched track records of capability within the industry. Our scope of work extends to designing palaces, private villas, driveways, hotels and commercial building entrances.

Coloration Systems also utilizes the unparalleled performance of our Special Color Hardeners in the production of our concrete and garden decor, such as customized statues, pillars and animal replica’s.

We also custom design and make artificial waterfalls, lagoons and fountains. The unlimited choice of colors and textures allows you to create a unique design that blends in perfectly with your surroundings.